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"Stormy Swiss Cheese" Framed Acrylic & Cut Paper Original, 16 x 20 inches

"Stormy Swiss Cheese" Framed Acrylic & Cut Paper Original, 16 x 20 inches

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Come join me Friday June 7th from 5pm-8pm at Overt Space Gallery in Stoughton for the opening reception of the Textures exhibition. I have 6 total art pieces in the show, including this one. Meet me, see this piece up close, and enjoy the work of multiple artists in a charming gallery space.


Gallery Website:

Gallery Address: 130 E Main St. Stoughton, WI 53523



An original acrylic and cut paper piece, 2024. 16 x 20 inches framed. A beautiful cut paper collage framed in an elegant light wood frame. 



For this collection, No Green Thumb Required, I played with creating texture in my artwork by layering paint, using resist techniques and intentionally using shadows to enhance the effect created by the cut paper technique.

I was inspired by plants because they need simple things to thrive - food, water, sun and love. To me, the plants in my home are a constant reminder to stay grounded, remain present in my day-to-day life and go back to the basics when I’m overwhelmed.

I love to capture the beauty of both the plant and the vessel holding the plant because both are equally important. An empty pot is as boring as a plant in a plastic planter, but when both plant and a lovely pot are paired together, that is when the magic happens.

My wish is for my paintings to bring feelings of joy and the reminder to stay rooted to the earth, even in the chaos of the world. 

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